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Meet The Doctor

Octavian M. Belcea, MD

In medical school, Dr. Belcea learned to prevent, diagnose, and treat a multitude of diseases. However, as an adage says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure;” the focus of Dr. Belcea’s practice is on prevention. Over the years, Dr. Belcea realized that the most significant risk factor in developing diseases is aging.

“If we treat aging, we reduce the most important risk factor in developing diseases.”

– Dr. Belcea

Metformin has been around for decades to treat diabetes.  Even though Dr. Belcea does not have diabetes, he began taking it in 2010 when its benefits became evident.  By 2015 he felt that there was enough human trial evidence that metformin prevents, or slows down, diseases in humans that he started prescribing it to a majority of his patients while monitoring their health outcomes. By 2018, Dr. Belcea became an ardent supporter of the use of metformin for disease prevention.

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