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6 Anti Aging Benefits of Metformin

In one way or another, we are all concerned about how well we are aging, whether that is physically, mentally, or visually in the way we look! Living a healthier lifestyle is something many of us focus on as we age; we all want to live well and experience the most out of life! If you have been looking into ways to improve your overall health and promote healthy aging, you may have heard of metformin. Metformin is becoming an increasingly popular topic when it comes to anti-aging, thanks to the several studies that have been published about the incredible benefits for overall health, mortality, and anti-aging. Metformin is derived from natural compounds in the French Lilac plant and has been used to treat diabetes since the Middle Ages. Used for over 60 years, this medication has an outstanding safety record, and is safe and cost-effective.

Leading Harvard scientist, Dr. David Sinclair, wrote a blog on the benefits of metformin anti-aging, titled “This cheap pill might help you live a longer, healthier life”. Dr. Sinclair outlined numerous studies that proved the beneficial effects metformin can have, and we have compiled 6 of the top benefits backed by science.

1. Anti-Cancer

As we age, we are more likely to face complicated health challenges, like cancer. However, research has shown metformin to have anti-cancer properties that reduce the likelihood of being diagnosed with numerous forms of cancer. In 2009, a promising study was carried out in the UK, with over 62,000 participants. The study revealed that using metformin was associated with a lowered risk of cancer in the colon and pancreas. The study divided participants into four separate groups, based on where they were receiving monotherapy with metformin, or a sulfonylurea, combined therapy (metformin plus sulfonylurea), or insulin. Those using metformin monotherapy had the lowest risk of colon and pancreas cancer. Whereas those on insulin or insulin secretagogues were more likely to develop cancers.

Additionally, a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic revealed that diabetic women who took metformin had a better survival rate than those who did not. This research is extremely significant because ovarian cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women and has a mortality rate of 65%. The benefits of metformin are impressive and women around the world are taking note.

When taking a closer look at the overall mortality rate of cancer patients with Diabetes, a study of 1,300 participants in the Netherlands revealed that metformin use was associated with lower cancer mortality compared with non-users.

Further, metformin users with diabetes were shown to have a reduced risk of colorectal cancer than non-users. A comprehensive study that took place in the United States, included over 460,000 participants over the course of several years. The results revealed an 8% reduction in the likelihood of a colorectal cancer diagnosis among those who used metformin.

2. Reduction in Overall Mortality

Scientists compared 78,000 people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and compared them to a control group of 78,000 people without diabetic controls. Patients with type 2 diabetes who were taking metformin had a longer survival rate than the non-diabetic control group, over a 5-year period. There have been multiple studies on the use of metformin that confirm the positive effects on overall health and longevity.

3. Diabetes Prevention

In a comprehensive, multi-year study, metformin was shown to reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 31%. This study showed the effect of metformin was equally effective for both men and women. As we see the rates of diabetes on the rise and the associated health issues related to diabetes can be serious and life-threatening, these results were very positive and have significant potential for those at risk of developing diabetes.

4. Macrovascular / Cardiovascular benefits

A 2009 study of 390 patients in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial showed that metformin reduced the risk of macrovascular disease. This study included a 4.3-year follow-up period and demonstrated that metformin can significantly reduce cardiovascular mortality. Additionally, the study showed that metformin can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events in both diabetic, and non-diabetic patients with coronary heart disease. As such, the benefits of metformin are effective for anti-aging purposes, due to the fact cardiovascular health typically declines with age.

5. Neuroprotective Benefits

A study of 67,731 participants who were non-demented, non-diabetic, and over 65 years of age, were studied from January 2004 to December 2009: The study revealed that diabetes is associated with an increased risk of dementia. When provided with sulfonylureas or metformin, rather than thiazolidinediones for a longer period the risk was reduced. More specifically, the study determined that metformin use showed a significant inverse association with cognitive impairment. This large scale study controlled for age, education, diabetes duration, fasting blood glucose, vascular, and non-vascular risk factors. This is a significant finding proving the anti-aging effects of metformin.

6. Weight Loss

Weight-loss is something on many people’s minds as they age, and not just for superficial reasons! Weight gain can affect mobility, can negatively impact cardiovascular health and can result in a wide array of other health challenges. As we age, it often becomes more difficult to lose weight. A 2012 study of 154 patients was conducted over a 6 month period in Germany. The purpose of the study was to determine the efficacy of metformin for the treatment of obesity. The results were impressive and demonstrated that metformin is an effective drug to reduce weight in a naturalistic outpatient setting in insulin-sensitive and insulin-resistant overweight and obese patients.

The anti-aging benefits of metformin have been experienced by thousands of patients around the world. Not only can it reduce mortality, but it can improve longevity, overall health, and quality of life as we age. The studies on metformin have been extensive, and the results truly do speak for themselves. In addition to the listed benefits above, studies have shown metformin slows down the rate of DNA damage.


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